6th Battalion, Royal Berks
1st July 1916

Gallery - View East from the Montauban - Mametz Road

The village of Montauban, nestling in trees, viewed from the crest of the ridge successfully assaulted by the 6th Berkshires. Montauban Alley trench lay a few yards to the left of the road and was their final objective for 1st July.

"There were five of us on our machine-gun when I saw an English soldier about 20 metres away to our left. Then our eldest soldier was shot in the forehead and dropped without a word. Next I was shot in the chest. I felt blood run down my back and I fell; I knew the war was over for me. He shot three of us before I even had a chance to use my rifle. I would like to meet that English soldier. He was a good shot" - Grenadier Emil Kury, 109th Reserve Regiment (defending the Mametz - Montauban sector of the German line).

Quotation from "The First Day on the Somme" by Martin Middlebrook

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